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Developer Relations Engineer



Software Engineering
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, December 6, 2022
We are looking for a Developer Relations Engineer to work on Hyperlane, the first permissionless interoperability layer!
The Hyperlane protocol is pioneering permissionless and modular interoperability. Providing developers with an API to connect between blockchains, Hyperlane is the first tool that allows anyone to add interoperability capabilities to any chain, without having to deal with any gatekeeping. Hyperlane's modular security stack means developers can configure and customize their security to their needs, always remaining in control.
Come build the interchain with us! | Learn more at

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the primary caretaker and editor for all developer documentation (
  • Write and maintain guides for the core Permissionless experience, including deployment of new PI chains, warp routes, and the warp UI. This includes variations for specific use cases and ecosystems and guides for relayers, validators, and self-hosted setups.
  • Produce step-by-step guides, videos, and live demos/workshops on permissionless deployment.
  • Assist developers by providing support through guides and gathering feedback to improve the product and documentation. Contribute to fixing the CLI, including bug fixes.
  • Organize workshops and hackathons and attend conferences to increase Hyperlane's visibility. Celebrate new deployers and share their stories to inspire others.
  • Share updates on social media, attend hackathons, create bounties, and give workshops. Track community developers, share bounties, and cultivate community members for potential hiring or grants.


  • 2+ years of production-level TypeScript experience.
  • 2+ years working on developer platforms.
  • Existing body of work: well-received docs contributions & guides in addition to an active GitHub.
  • Strong ability to understand and address the needs and challenges faced by developers.
  • Ability to operate independently under uncertainty.
  • Strong sense of initiative and ownership.
  • The drive, intensity, and motivation to perform at a world-class level.
  • BONUS: Knowledge of Rust, Solidity, and familiarity with EVM, CosmWasm, and Sealevel execution environments is a plus.
Salary range for this role is $130K to $220K USD (NY). Compensation subject to experience and location. Published salary bands pursuant to transparency laws, and do not include possible variable compensation such as annual merit increases, bonus eligibility, commission, or equity incentive.