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Product Manager



New York, NY, USA
Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Abacus Works is looking for a Product Manager to work on Hyperlane, the first permissionless interoperability layer.
The Hyperlane protocol is pioneering permissionless and modular interoperability. Providing developers with an API to connect between blockchains, Hyperlane is the first tool that allows anyone to add interoperability capabilities to any chain, without having to deal with any gatekeeping. Hyperlane's modular security stack means developers can configure and customize their security to their needs, always remaining in control.
Come build the interchain with us!
Learn more at

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the development and launch of new products within our open-source interoperability framework, focusing on developer tools, consumer UI, and documentation.
  • Scope and assign engineering tasks, cut tickets on GitHub, and ensure timely completion of work. Assist in running Sprints and Sprint Planning meetings, playing a pivotal role in work prioritization.
  • Contribute to the product roadmap and strategy, working closely with the lead PM to set visions, outline experience flows, and integrate customer and developer feedback into the roadmap.
  • Interact with prospective Hyperlane developers to understand their needs, building tutorials and documentation, and representing Hyperlane at conferences and workshops.
  • Direct the refinement of user interfaces like Warp UI and Explorer, and oversee potential launches like Registry and Self-Service platforms.

Key Qualifications:

  • A crypto native. With a knowledge base that fits the description of an: A grade Industry understanding, B grade category understanding, and passing grade, say C- Hyperlane understanding.
  • Passionate about providing a world class developer experience.
  • Experience working on a developer product.
  • 1+ years of experience working in an engineer or product role.
  • The ability to clearly communicate the needs of current and future Hyperlane developers to the engineering team.
  • The ability to clearly communicate about Hyperlane’s products to current and future Hyperlane developers.
  • The ability to do all of this in half the time competent people would assume is reasonable.
  • The drive, intensity, and motivation to perform at a world class level.
Salary range for this role is $130K to $190K USD (NY). Compensation subject to experience and location. Published salary bands pursuant to transparency laws, and do not include possible variable compensation such as annual merit increases, bonus eligibility, commission, or equity incentive.