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Senior Backend Engineer

Parsec Finance

Parsec Finance

Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

We are looking for an experienced (6+ years) backend engineer to work on the parsec backend, a combination of servers and indexing services. You will be interacting deeply with onchain data, writing progressive code that continues to simplify and expand the power of the parsec API and ETL pipeline. Responsibilities are wide ranging, from integrating new DeFi protocols, to writing reliable caching services for historical onchain state data. Curiosity in DeFi/NFTs/onchain markets is a huge plus - it will make the work more fun :)

Requirements: 7+ years in backend engineering

Stack: Elixir, Postgres, GCP

Nice to Haves:

  • Data indexing
  • Interested in/user of DeFi Trading background
  • Experience interacting with smart contracts