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Oracle Operations Engineer



Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Oracle Operations Engineer

Engineering - Backend
Junior (0-3 years)
Compensation band
Time commitment
Full time


The Enshrined Applications Team (EAT) at Skip builds, integrates, and operates performant and stable products on blockchains across the Cosmos ecosystem and rollups. We own Slinky, an on-chain oracle which uses restaking to securely post data powering DeFi platforms and applications.
We’re looking for an Oracle Operations Specialist for our Slinky platform team, focusing on operational excellence across blockchain systems. Ideal for those passionate about blockchain integrity and operational transparency, this role involves interfacing with node runners to diagnose and improve upon issues with the operator experience, creating real-time monitoring dashboards to track validator participation and price movement across blockchains, and managing the incident lifecycle from identification to response.
The perfect fit for this role is someone with a keen eye for detail and a finger on the pulse of the crypto ecosystem. You thrive in fast-paced environments, are typically the first to know about major outages or events, and love building rule sets and visualizations on top of data. You’re also excited about working with others in the industry—understanding their operational hurdles and collaborating with both customers and team members on solutions that move products in net-positive directions.
You’ll need to be able to respond to feedback, learn quickly, and have a growth mindset. Someone who lacks the initiative to tackle complex operational challenges head-on or finds blockchain’s dynamic and continuously evolving nature overwhelming will quickly fail.

Key Responsibilities

End to end ownership of Slinky’s data visibility lifecycle. Design and integrate the data views required for per-chain, cross-chain, and operator-specific product maintenance and daily operations.
Data quality, alerting, and failure detection of oracle data feeds. Iterate on a constantly increasing number of supported chains and data feeds to provide guaranteed robustness across integrations.
Incident notification, triage, resolution processes. Work first hand with node operators to establish and improve processes around bugs, incidents, and outages.
Chain-specific performance characteristics and testing design. Learn the particulars of how the oracle operates on various blockchains and ensure load test suites exercise failure and performance bottleneck cases.
Work closely with internal teams and validators to enhance operational transparency and efficiency, contributing to the overall health and success of Slinky operations.
Contribute to strategic discussions and technical decisions regarding operational tools, practices, and the roadmap for Oracle Operations at Skip.

Projects You’ll Be Working On

Community and internal operation dashboards: Building intuitive and informative dashboards to provide deep insights into the system's operation for both the Skip team and the wider community.
Incident management tools: Developing cutting-edge tools for alerting, incident tracking, and response to ensure swift and effective operational adjustments.
Cross-chain alerts: Creating alert systems for monitoring and ensuring consistency across different blockchain environments.
Failure detection systems: Identifying and addressing operational vulnerabilities before they impact the blockchain.
Load and scenario testing: Designing and executing tests to simulate high-load and complex operational scenarios to guarantee system resilience.


3+ years of experience in operational roles, preferably in tech or blockchain environments.
Proven track record of developing and managing operational dashboards, alerting systems, and incident response strategies.
Strong analytical skills with the ability to identify and resolve complex operational issues.
Experience with modern monitoring and observability tools (e.g., Grafana, Prometheus, ELK stack).
Ability to work in fast-paced environments and adapt to rapidly evolving technology landscapes.
Passion for blockchain technology and a commitment to operational excellence and community transparency.
Familiarity with blockchain validation mechanisms and cross-chain technologies.
Experience in the blockchain or crypto industry, particularly with operational roles or oracle systems.
Contributions to open-source projects or blockchain protocols.

Who we are

Skip builds great products that help developers deliver best-in-class blockchain applications to their users more easily. We’re dedicated to making all blockchains more accessible and more powerful, so everyone can participate in the trustless web without limits. We work with the best teams building blockchains in crypto: dYdX, Celestia, Osmosis, Neutron/LIDO, and many more. Our products help developers secure, swap, and transfer millions of dollars of tokens every day.
We’re a Series A company based in NYC, and we’re looking to finish building out our core team.
We focus on hiring the core team and senior talent to work together in person in NYC to build a collaborative and supportive culture. But we’re still open to hiring best-in-class remote talent anywhere within 6 hours of the NYC timezone.

Core team member responsibilities

Work to solve hard technical problems at the cutting edge of blockchain research alongside the founders
Be empowered to make bold technical and strategic decisions
Play a critical role in determining the people we hire, our culture, our engineering practices, and the products we ship.

How we work

We value ambition, work ethic, and m (slope) over prestige, accomplishments, and y-intercept
We value thoughtful and contentious dialogue over siloed and unilateral decision-making
We value acknowledging uncertainty/weakness and seeking support over unabated confidence and solo performances
We’re obsessive about documenting everything, learning, and shipping as fast as possible


Fitness stipend
18 days of paid leave
Premium health insurance
Competitive regional compensation and above-market equity ownership
Office space, and accommodations for remote work
We’re open to arranging paid work trials with potential hires because we think interviews give a very limited view of candidates and the company.


Please email and with a resume and any additional information that might help us get to know you (Resume, github, background info) if interested!