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Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, March 18, 2024


Your role

Design and build systems from the ground up without cutting corners on security or usability
Develop signing infrastructure & applications to run inside secure computing environments
Collaborate effectively across the company to design and deliver the core product
Write internal product specifications, external developer documentation, whitepapers, etc.
Design and build new product features end-to-end driven by customer requests
Assist in scaling out a world-class engineering team
Develop thoughtful deployment processes and infrastructure to reduce the risks inherent in the software development lifecycle

What we’re looking for

5+ years of production engineering experience
Languages: Go, Typescript, Rust
Experience working with AWS, GCP, or other other cloud providers
An understanding of modern application architectures with opinions on how they should be developed and deployed
Experience build and operating large-scale, mission-critical infrastructure
A healthy amount of paranoia :)
People who have experience building scaled crypto products

Style points

Experience developing against TEEs, HSMs, and other secure computing environments
A deep understanding of the Linux operating system and how to reduce the surface area of applications deployed on top of it
Expertise in threshold signing systems and a desire to stay on the cutting edge of production-grade cryptography
Actively tracking developments in the crypto ecosystem and opinionated on where it is going
Email us at with your LinkedIn and a short overview of why you’d be a great fit for Turnkey.