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Frontend Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024

Front-end Engineering

Your role

As a dedicated front-end engineer at Turnkey, your primary responsibility will be to develop our various external interfaces — notably the Turnkey JS SDK, but also our web app, example applications, and marketing website. Turnkey is primarily a developer tool — considering this, you’ll work less closely with any individual UI, and instead will develop the tools & frameworks for Turnkey’s clients to build the UIs that onboard the first 1B users to crypto.
This role is different from a standard front-end engineering role in crypto. This is analogous to working on React itself rather than on applications built using React
Reduce the complexity of building applications on Turnkey
Develop UX primitives that can be composed to make a rich set of different user experiences in crypto
Collaborate with the broader team to develop a concrete & actionable roadmap
Be a strong technical voice and support your team in making intelligent architectural decisions
Contribute to defining and delivering processes that drive quality & consistency to our product development

What we’re looking for

At least 8 years of experience in software engineering with a strong focus on the front-end
An understanding of the full stack & capable of leading in-depth discussions
Excellent at holding a high-bar on software development
A healthy amount of paranoia :)
People who think that cryptocurrency has the potential to radically change the world for the better and a sincere desire to help facilitate that change

Style points

Prior experience working in fast-paced technology companies
A deep interest in improving user experiences in crypto
Prior experience working on crypto products
Actively tracking developments in the crypto ecosystem and opinionated on where it is going
Email us at with your LinkedIn and a short overview of why you’d be a great fit for Turnkey.